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Alex Broad – Back Country Cicada’s

After a busy few weeks with weddings, stag parties and just general time wasting I finally managed a free weekend to get into a few trout in the back country, the only problem was the weather……………

But I thought bugger it, better off fishing in the rain than sitting on my backside doing nothing.  I put in a full day covering plenty of water, seeing a heap of trout, landing a couple, dropping a few more, and getting a wet backside.








The cicadas worked a treat

There were a few locals hanging about (look out the roar isn’t far away)

It was also a good chance to test some of our new hunting clothing, the New Prime Summer clothing is awesome! you can check it out here:

I layered up with prime summer and an Aspiring hunting jacket and was dry and comfortable the entire day.  Despite being designed for hunting this gear works just as well for fishing.

The cicadas are chirping hard, get into it!

Jack Kos – Cicadas are upon us…

Had a great day out about a week back with dad chasing cicada smashing bow’s in the central north island.

Managed to sight this one early on. He was one of very few fish to opt for the nymph that day. They were complete bullets.

Dad was next on deck, but unfortunately he was a little rusty simply due to not having fished enough.

If only all fly reels were anti-reverse… Never mind, he landed the next fish he fished to. Pity I was on the other side of the river, so couldn’t take a photo.

Just before lunch a long cast through a slow flowing deep pool saw a dark shadow rise to intercept my cicada. Bang. This had to be one of the best fights I’ve had all season. Super fit rainbow diving probably fifteen metres deep into the pool, before exploding into aerial acrobatics.

Hard fighter…

Finished the day off with this guy. One minute my fly was drifting freely, the next the water exploded around it. I’ve never seen a trout take a fly quite so aggressively. Another tough fighter, although he was subdued quicker than the previous fish.

You’ve just gotta love rainbows.

In between these fish we landed probably close to fifteen others, although a lot of them were in the 2-3lb category. Still, they fight hard in the faster water.

I leave for the South Island for a week tomorrow, so hopefully should be getting some fishing done while I’m down. If any of you are going to the F.F.F. Conclave then I might see you there. Be sure to say hi.