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Andrew Hearne – Revisiting a trip from earlier this season.

A video clip from a trip earlier this season. You’ve seen the photo’s now here it is in motion…

Cheers to Mike Kirkpatrick for stitching it all together.

Rob Wilson – SIP Films – CXI Reef Sharks

A mate of mine Eddie Fraker has started a fly fishing film company Striking Image Productions check it out!

Short Film – Catch & Release

Short Fly Fishing Film – Rojo

Nick Johnson – Matukituki River


Nick swapped his fly rod for his camera. Nice clip!

Andrew Hearne – Fishing from the bank

We haven’t caught many on video so far this season unfortunately, however this is one that was. It was filmed earlier this season… it’s nothing terribly special, but something to look at nontheless. Thanks very much to Liz for coming along and filming for us.

Andrew and Jack – High Country magic video clip

In February this year we disappeared into the High Country for a couple of days for what turned out to be a great time. We walked a lot of miles, caught plenty of fish, and even made some friends while we were there!

This is the last of our videos from last season. Hopefully in a couple of weeks time when the new season begins we will be getting some more footage.




Andrew and Jack – The November Trip video

Almost a year after the trip, here it is… the November Trip video.

The second to last in our collection video clips from last season. Saving the best for last.

By the way… my apologies for some of the behaviour displayed in this video. Sometimes it all just gets a bit too emotional!


Andrew Hearne – a short video clip from a trip to Southland

Another of our video clips…

I drove down to Wanaka just after New Years, and despite poor directions on where to find him – I eventually met up with Jack who was already there with his family.

It had been raining – a lot! There was water everywhere.

We looked around a few places the next day, before heading further south the day after that and meeting up with Chris Dore for a couple of days fishing. We caught a few fish, but mostly we just had a great time with lots of laughs.

And yes… my head did go completely under when I fell off the bank. Thanks Chris for getting that one on film.

We’ll go back this season for sure… hopefully it won’t have rained as much next time.

Enjoy the clip.m There are two more to go… they are the biggest and best!

Andrew Hearne – Fishing with Perez.

As Jack has already mentioned. It’s been snowing here… there’s heaps of the stuff. It was another cold night at work last night.

You may already be aware that we met a couple of American guys on one of our trips away earlier this year. Lucas and Isaiah are their names. Lucas had to disappear back to the States a short time after we met the guys, but we stayed in touch with Isaiah and went out fishing a few times.

By the time we met, Isaiah had caught a couple of nice fish, in fact when I saw a picture of one of them I was distinctly jealous! However for the most part it had been a tough trip for our American friends because of the poor weather the country was subjected to in the first few weeks of this year.

We had a great time fishing with Isaiah, and we even managed some fish. I hope to see both him and Lucas back here in the not too distant future so we can really show them what New Zealand has to offer.

This video clip is of some of our time spent with Isaiah… we even got him wearing a Riverworks hoodie for his memorable moment!

Lucas… you left for home too soon my friend!

Andrew Hearne – Bits and bobs from October 2010

We’re getting into the teeth of Winter now… I’m really struggling with this cold.

Here is another of our video clips from last season. This is the remainder of October 2010, mostly pictures along with a bit of video.

You’ll notice Jack tearing away downstream after a fish at one point, there’s a reason you never see a picture of the fish. Be sure to ask Jack about it if you get the opportunity, let’s just say that it’s a subject he’s passionate about.


Salmon Raw

Andrew & Jack – Second time lucky

October 2010. The day before Labour weekend.

We had been here a week earlier, but there was already a car in the carpark with a note saying they were fishing where we wanted to go, so we went elsewhere.

We came back, and this time were first on the water. It was a huge day, but it was well worth the effort.

Look out for a special guest appearance by Jacks GTC nymph at around 5:32 in the clip!

Andrew Hearne – one fine day

This is the second of our video clips from the past season.

I’d been for a look by myself a couple of weeks previous while jack was stuck doing exams, and I saw some nice fish. As soon as his exams were done we went back to see what we could sort out.

Happy days!

Russell Anderson – Back Country Fly Fishing

Craig Sommerville Video – Our New Religion