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Andrew Hearne – Old school.

A while back I got a message from Chris, one of the boys I used to go to school with way back in the day.

It turns out Chris has been into fly fishing for a wee while now. He has been spending a bit of time during the past couple of seasons fishing with Ben, who we also we went to school with.

The boys have even been reading the Riverworks Lifestyle blog!

It was long overdue, but today we finally got out for a fish together.

We didn’t travel all that far from home relatively speaking, so we left at a reasonable hour in the morning and found ourselves on the water just as the sun was peeking over the hills. The idea was to explore a piece of water none of us had fished before. Although most of the water we passed looked very promising, it turned out to be very disappointing indeed.

We saw one fish. (We didn’t catch it)


There ain’t no fish here…

Plan B was hatched after we came to the realisation that plan A sucked. We marched back to the car and took off up the road.

There were a few fish in the short stretch we fished, and they were as difficult as usual.

Right near the end we found one in the lower part of a pool which was feeding happily. Chris went forth and tried to entice it… unsuccessfully.

Ben went next, and after several fly changes he had it fooled.



It fought a good fight, and when it came to the net I could see why.


And there it is, Ben’s biggest trout.

It wasn’t long before this I’d been saying to Ben that often a single fish can make the entire day worthwhile. This was one of those fish.

It was time to leave after that. We had to get back to town, and I was losing my sanity fast as I became the food supply for several thousand sandflies.

We’re gonna do it all again before the season ends. Next time we’ll head somewhere with a few more fish, even if they are slightly on the smaller side.

Here is a little fish I caught a week or so ago, it was a fat wee pig. I caught it on a black terrestrial pattern.


Somehow I’ve managed to swing the whole month of April off… so I hope to get out fishing once or twice during that time. Watch this space…

Hamish Carnachan – Welly wilderness

Having arrived in Wellington to live after 30-odd years doing it tough in Auckland, I’m still blown away by the quality of the fishing in this region and how close it is to home.

Whereas my freshwater forays used to involve two hours drive across the vast Waikato dairy wasteland to find anywhere half decent to fish, now I have the Hutt River on my doorstep and the Tararuas and Rimutakas not to far beyond. Bliss!

I’ve been getting out exploring as much as family life  will allow, but a visit by a good mate  from Auckland – down  to sample some of Welly’s wares – provided a great excuse to bail into the bush for a night… or three… on a backcountry fishing expedition. The weather looked ok, not the blue sky days we were hoping for, but we pushed ahead despite the forecast patchy rain and winds.

Middle of nowhere

The first half day involved walking, walking and more walking in order for us to reach the hut before nightfall. We had to pass up some pretty stunning water but the prospect of a full day ahead soothed the itch to cast a fly. Despite waves of torrential rain and wind in the night, we awoke to  find the river running high but still incredibly clear. We packed up, rigged rods and set off. It was an hour, and plenty of barren water which looked ideal for holding, before we spotted the first fish crusing a large pool. As soon as the Stimulator landed on the surface the brown slowly glided over and took the fly at the most leisurely pace. Wait, wait – set. With the prick of the fly he woke up and it we were shortly on the board after a typically dogged brownie fight which gave me a chance to put the new Riverworks R2 reel to work… it past the test with flying colours, the drag silky smooth or, as one of my buddies would say, ‘As slik as snot’.

On the board

Riverworks R2 reel's first test

From herein the fishing improved with browns  spotted at regular intervals ll the way up to the next hut, depsite the slate grey skies and gusty wind making live a little dfficult.

Tim latched on to a beauty hump-backed jack that was one of the prettiest coloured fish either of us have ever seen – the pics don’t really do it justice…

Tim's backcountry beauty

The day warmed up, the wind dropped and the fish started looking up, hitting large terrestrials with explosive takes. And as often happens the further up a catchment you get, the fish started to get bigger too…

We topped the day off with eight fish to hand, a few spooked in tough conditions and a couple of blown opportunites – all in all not bad going in some pretty stunning surrounds.

Stunning water

A deer stalk along grasy flats that eveing revealed plenty of sign…

…and an unlucky stag a hunter had nailed some weeks before.

The next day we slogged it up over a saddle and down into another catchment where, instead of the comforts of a hut opted to camp beside the river where we thought our chances of running into a deer would be higher.

No deer but more fish…

…Followed by the long and weary walk….

I love Wellington!

Competition – Fish Of The Season (Update)

Hey guys we have decided to push the entry date of the competition back until the end of April now as there have been a few issues with end of season fish not being able to be entered until a bit later. That said there have been some great fish rolling in so please make sure you get your entry in, to be in with a chance to win yourself some Riverworks gear.

A few of the entries so far. Think you can do better?


We want to see your best fish of the 2011/12 season!

The Fish Of The Season competition will be open for entries until the 30th of March with the winner receiving a $50 Riverworks voucher.

We will select our favorite five entries to post up at the end of the month and we will then let you guys choose the winner. The fish we are looking for are not necessarily the biggest fish from this season, but other factors such as condition, colour, surroundings and difficulty will be taken in to consideration.

To enter please send in a photo and no more than a few lines on how your fish was caught.

The selected five finalists will be announced Saturday the 30th of April.

Good Luck!

Entries must be submitted to:

All entries will be considered and Riverworks New Zealand Terms and conditions apply. Entrants must have a New Zealand or Australian postal address and Riverworks New Zealand holds the right to make or overrule the final decision.

Andrew Sturt – The Wonders Of Duct Tape

During a private fly-in fishing excursion into the Alaskan wilderness, the chartered pilot and fishermen left a cooler with bait in the plane.

A bear smelled it and did this to the plane…

The Pilot used his radio and had another pilot bring him two new tires, three cases of duct tape, and  a supply of sheet plastic. He then patched the plane together, and FLEW IT HOME!


Itu’s Bones

Lucas Allen – Dead dog burley

Just got back from an eventful night fishing trip. Matt was on form and got smoked by something that may have been even bigger than this specimen.

Best be going to sleep. V is good for the drive home but terrible when it’s 1.30am and you have work at 6.30. Have a great fishy weekend.




Ps. The dog burley is great. Didn’t see it until the fish was landed, must have put out a mean trail. The horiness of that alone and the amount of cops we saw are the best clues as to where we were.

Andrew Sturt – Protecting Our Rivers

Sorry about the late notice for those of you who weren’t already aware. The protection and survival of our waterways  is a worthy cause that affects us directly as fishermen. For those of you in Wellington this weekend, this may worth going along to.