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Jack & Alex – Getting away from the city

Since Jack has been back in wellington we have had many discussions about fishing and overnight adventures in search of pristine north island water and brownies.  Due to our current lack of physical fitness we settled on an easy one to break ourselves in.

Friday afternoon came around and I received a txt message from Jack, it was a stunning day and he was ready to ditch his suit and tie and get into some fish.  I wasn’t far behind him.  The essentials were purchased (sun screen and hay fever tablets) the truck packed and we were off.

A dinner at Subway followed by Jack checking his exam results on my phone, Ill let him tell you how he got on, Ill just say it was good start to the weekend.  A few beers bought to celebrate at our campsite and into the bush we headed.  Talking smack about fishing killed the time and soon enough we were sleeping like babies, only to be rudely waken by the alarm.  Sausages for breaky, then into the fishing!

Jack always manages to get the best shots:

First decent pool held a couple of trout, Jack managed to pull a wee battler out with out too much trouble.

Next fish was mine, well I had trouble getting the right drift, but eventually hooked up, only for the fly to pull, this was entirely my fault, I didn’t strike nearly as hard as I like to.  The fish went back to feeding pretty quickly, but I just couldn’t get him to look an anything else.

We pushed on to fish to several very spooky fish who wouldn’t take anything, When I spotted a fish sitting on a seam high in the column.  I had changed my rig, swapped my indicator for a dry and ditched the nymph.  I pumped a cast up, little too wide and too far above him, second cast about a foot in front of him and slightly to one side, smashed it down as hard as I could, he swung and smashed it.  So I smashed him back and we had a wee tussle, a nice brownie landed.

A few more spooky fish were encountered, Jack not having much luck on these.  I spotted one feeding hard in a small deep pool / pocket, First cast ended up in the tree behind me, once I had that sorted my fly was flicked up.  Again the fish didn’t hesitate to wallop my dry, I hit him hard and he went ballistic, for a little fish he had me dancing on rocks and switching up the rod angles to keep him in the pool and away from obstacles.  We landed a nice fat brownie that had well and truly given me an epic run around.

Couple more spooky fish were spotted and Jack had a take fishing blind, but unfortunately it was the start of our long walk back to reality.  We did capture some great video footage, so as soon as I get it sorted I’ll post it up.  For now enjoy the pics and keep an eye out for the next adventure…………

4 responses

  1. Hi Damian,
    Wellington has a heap of good trout water pretty close by. The Hutt river can be fickle at the best of times, I’ve been thrashing it for years and still can’t figure it out, however on rare occasions it can come together and the fish seem almost suicidal!
    There are stacks of fish in the Hutt, your best bet is to move very slowly spotting the fish, they will generally be pretty shallow and close to the bank, use small flies, and long leaders.
    Try fishing the lower reaches at this time of year, there should still be some good fish hitting whitebait and smelt.
    Later in the summer fish the faster oxygenated water, they stack up in these runs.
    There is plenty of good water in the Wairarapa also, which seems to be more consistent for a lot of anglers.
    Otherwise just beat your feet and explore, lots of good back country water in the Tararuas, don’t be afraid to switch it up when it comes to technique, and if worse comes to worse drive up the line to the Rangitikei, stacks and stacks of hard fighting stroppy rainbows that are relatively easy to get into.
    Good luck,

    December 7, 2011 at 7:45 am

  2. Well done boys… you’re having better weather there than what we are having here by the look of things.

    December 7, 2011 at 7:38 am

  3. Dundee

    well done guys getting me near a city would be a task.

    December 6, 2011 at 9:06 pm

  4. Damian

    Great photos. I’d love to know where in Wellington you catch such nice trout as everwhere I’ve tried, I’ve seen the odd trout but they just won’t bite or even look at my flies. The Hutt river, even in the Kiatoke area is poor, Wainui has lots of trout, but they are very spooky trout and hard to get a take. Even tried the Pauatahanui stream which does hold some nice trout: catching them is another story. HELP!

    December 6, 2011 at 2:53 pm

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