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Andrew Marshall – Sunny Wellington

This is a bit late but better late than never…

A few weekends ago Alex took me to a couple rivers in the Hutt Valley that I didn’t even know existed. The plan was to just have a quick look on Saturday afternoon. We looked and we found.

The first fish Al spotted only five meters in front of him but managed not to spook it. A couple casts later and he got him to eat. He threw out a few big tarpon head shakes but Al held on to net a nice 4.5 pound fish! Good work.

This was the only fish we saw in this part of the river so we jumped in the car and moved on. The next river we hit was a tributary a bit higher up the Hutt. We walked down stream then fished our way up with Al on point (as usual when I’m fishing with him). His spotting skills leave me for dead. Next fish was going to be mine and it didn’t take too long before Al had me lining up a nice brown working a run hard. It took me a fair few casts and a fly change but eventually the dry was sunk and I had the slugger on. He put his head down and I went for a quick walk down the river before Al put him in the net.

Seeing as we had a fairly successful afternoon, we thought it best that we then go beat ourselves up by throwing everything we had at some Hutt River residents. Two hours of throwing at fish that are rising but won’t take anything you offer will always bring you back down to earth..


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  1. Dundee

    Very nice!

    November 7, 2011 at 9:14 pm

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