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Happy Birthday Jack

It’s nearly finished now, but today is Jacks birthday.

So, we went fishing of course. My apologies for the lack of pictures for this one, the weather was pretty bad all day. I didn’t quite fancy having the camera out for too long in the torrential rain.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the birthday fishing trip Jack had hoped for, today was the day of the fish (plural) that got away. It started right off the bat when I lost one in the first run after only a few seconds. I handled it very well at that stage. I just continued doing my thing. Soon after that Jack had the same thing happen to him a couple of pools up. Likewise, he too handled it rather well. It was early days after all…

I hooked another one about ten minutes later. I thought for all money I was stuck tight to this fish, but I was wrong. It popped the hook too. I was frustrated by this one, but I contained it within.

A few hundred metres upstream Jack and Ryan took the high road while I battled the river. As I struggled my way along I saw a fish ewas pretty close to where I stood, the rain was obviously helping here. I tried a few flies at this one until I found the right recipe. This time I was in for sure… nope. It got away as well. This time I was more vocal in the way I expressed my anger. (I had moved along from disappointment by now)

Jack spotted a fish sitting very close to where he was standing and managed a take on a dry fly, I was pretty surprised to see it take from the top considering the amount of rain that was falling. Jack hooked up for a reasonable time but again the fish threw the hook.

Next up Jack actually caught a fish. Unfortunately it is probably close to the smallest in the river. We didn’t bother with a photo because of the rain at the time.

After that it was my turn again, I fished to one close in for a while, it refused a couple of different nymphs before finally coming up for the Royal Wulff – the fly which was there the entire time! The number of times I’ve had this happen is amazing. I still can’t figure it out?

Anyway, I waited for what felt like 5 minutes too long before striking and it did the trick. I hooke the fish and even better than that I hooked it well enough to land it, just. The river was pretty wild here, and i was a bit scared of what might happen if we were to venture downstream, so I fought the fish in a rather disgusting manner. I pretty much just hung onto it and sent birthday boy forward to do his thing with the net.

Amazingly, it worked.

And no, I don’t have pinkeye. I’m just a bit tired – getting up at 5am for a few days in a row does that to me.

Now for the grand finale. Jack spotted a fish over on the far side of the river. He was here earlier in the season and has unfinished business in this pool, so he marched through the fast water at the bottom end risking life and limb as he went. He employed the tactics we had discussed prior to his departure and although it took a while, he eventually connected with a fish. A rather solid fish I might add. I couldn’t see everything from my vantage point, but I didn’t miss it when his rod straightened, nor did I miss it when he let his feeling known to the world.

Unfortunately, today was one of those days which could have been great if we made the most of our chances, but I guess that is fishing, isn’t it?


3 responses

  1. Nice one boys and Happy Birthday to the young’un.
    Ps. Andrew, I wouldn’t have noticed the “pink eye” unless you mentioned it!

    November 3, 2011 at 3:21 pm

  2. Dundee

    Happy birthday Jack. I get up every day at 5.00am Andrew its a bastard but you fullas got good fish.
    How old is the the young bugger?We got a Rotorua fisherman and his mrs visiting our waters on friday hopefully it wont be windy or dirty.They will be tracking the gps also.
    Tight lines fullas.

    November 2, 2011 at 9:48 pm

  3. adam..

    I to had a day like yours.
    4 rivers b4 i found a fish then i found hundreds of the little critters.
    got me self about 6 and lost about 15 in a matter of 30mins.
    lets all hope for some sun shine and good fishing to come. !

    November 2, 2011 at 9:42 pm

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