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Lucas Allen – The Mount

Hello fellow Fly fanatics.

I have just been taken under the wing of Riverworks and will be updating you on my exploits from around the greater Waikato region.

My name is Lucas Allen, I was born and raised in Napier and grew into fishing via my Father. I got a stupid vice for my 9th Christmas when I really wanted an LA Lakers cap, thanks Dad. Some cruddy flies and no clue how to catch fish set me on a quest to discover what it was that had me so intrigued, something that still continues to this day.

So what does one do when you are told to provide information and photos of your travels? Go fishing obviously. I have to admit though it wasn’t a trip involving Trout, off to a bad start sorry guys). To validate hitting the waters off Mt Maunganui I snuck the 10wt onboard. We had a small weather window that made it a bit touch and go so an early start and a few back up plans were put in place.


The main agenda was to get out to Penguin shoals for a jig and blood my mate Jakes new rod. The sign was there but the kings must have been full or were too smart for our shiny toys and us. The boys had a few other spots to try so we gapped it nearer to Motiti Island and threw some baits in the water. We picked up small snapper after small snapper and had a few hits but nothing major came our way. Fishing an area where you know one of NZs biggest snapper has been caught definitely has you on your game and any little bite may well end up as a good specimen.

Fat, scrappy Kahawai

Jakes brother Tomo was up for a dive and dragged Jake along while I kept watch. They lucked out on any crays and blamed each other and the terrain for their shortcomings. It might have something to do with all the buoys and the commercial vessel working as we turned up. A few birds working off starboard had the anchor up and us charging over to see the commotion. The softbaits came out and soon Tomo had a dirty couta at the boat. I was absent to witness the batting practice but emerged from the cabin with my flyrod attached to a small flashy white fly, shortly after I was hooked up to a scrappy Kahawai that tore around the boat several times. A saltfly first for the good ship Optimus I’m told, just wait for the kingi boys!

Crossing swords!

After all that I thought we should try deepwater softbaiting to see if any Snapper were picking up the scraps. A quick drop to 50 mtrs with a 4oz lumo head and Zman jerkshad gave us what we wanted, a 3kg Snap came over the side. We each picked up good sized fish and dropped a few more amongst the madness, trust me if I could get a fly down there I would have. There’s one in my box that the jury is still out on, surely it’s worthy enough.


After a few more drifts the sun was going down and the wind was doing as forecast, going up! A good old fashioned hang on tight ride home ensued and the 7.5m Senator was airborne a few times. We got back in time to clean up, drink beer, have the fillets battered at the local chippie and fall asleep during the last 20 minutes of the All Blacks whipping the Aussies. A damn good day thanks to the Scott Simmonds boys.

I promise the next report will have plenty of Trout as the Lady and I are heading to Napier next weekend. We’ll have to stay the night in Taupo on Friday so an early morning Waitahanui  visit can be squeezed in (start fluffing your budgies Dad). I’ll let you all know how it eventuates.

Until then hold ‘em high and keep ‘em tight.

3 responses

  1. Dundee

    Great introduction Lucas looking forward too your trout reports.You fullas must have fun at sea thats one thing I haven’t tried.

    August 8, 2011 at 5:14 pm

  2. Nice work Lucas! Welcome aboard!

    August 8, 2011 at 12:41 pm

  3. Very nice!

    August 8, 2011 at 10:27 am

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