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Andrew Hearne – Isaiah’s last dance.

Hi everyone. I’m new here… You may have seen some pictures of me in some of Jack’s entries. My apologies.

I’ve been doing a large portion of my fishing with Jack for the past couple of seasons, and all going well we should be able to do plenty more in the coming years. We seem to get on reasonably well and are equally passionate about flyfishing. We keep each other honest.

A couple of months ago on a trip into the back country, we met with some Americans here on a fishing holiday, one of whom being the one and only Isaiah Perez. We kept in touch, and have been fishing with Isaiah couple of times since.

The most recent trip I went on with Isaiah was on 30th April, when I took him out for the last day of the main season in an attempt to get him onto one last New Zealand brownie before boarding the big bird home to Wyoming.

We couldn’t have hoped for more perfect weather. The sky was literally cloudless, and not even a hint of wind about. Hopes were high.

Isaiah Perez. Enjoying the last of the New Zealand big sky experience for 2011.

We didn’t see any fish for the first couple of hours, despite covering a lot of very nice looking water.

He’s been watching way too much Masters of the Universe.

Our lack of success saw us heading to another piece of river where I’d recently caught a few good fish. I was confident we could at least find something to fish to.

The first run that we came to on the new water soon had Isaiah behind a dark shape holding in the eye. He placed the cast perfectly and the fish moved to his fly, but when he struck the connection was brief. I saw the fish as it broke water and it looked to be a decent size. When Isaiah inspected his fly it was revealed that he was fishing without a hook, needless to say he was a touch upset.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find as many fish as we wanted to.

Later in the day we came to a part of the river where I had encountered the same fish on more than one occasion during the season, and been beaten by it every time. I sent Isaiah across to the other side to see if he could make use of the high bank and spot for me. However, he couldn’t. The light was right in his face and the water was shining silver with glare, so it was up to me to find my fish.

I went right through the main body of the run, past the places where the fish usually held. Things weren’t looking too good. However, when I got near the top I could make out a silhouette tucked against my edge which looked very likely. I’ve just been reading the latest post by Alex, in which he mentions a special fly he was given by Jack, which didn’t quite do the business for him on closing day. I believe I was using that same pattern while fishing at the dark shape ahead of me.

The first cast saw the dark shape move towards the fly, but no contact. I tossed up again and this time the fish followed the fly back. It all seemed right at that point, so I struck, and found myself connected to a decent fish.

I landed it near the tail of the run, after a tug of war and a bit of splashing on the surface thrown in for some excitement.

Great success – after several failed attempts during the season to capture this guy.

Sadly that was all the action we would see for that day. Isaiah had to board the big bird to the states a few days after. Fortunately for him he had already caught some good fish during his stay here, but I won’t steal Jack’s thunder. I think he might have something on the way in relation to that.

2 responses

  1. Great read, maybe it was Alex not the fly!

    May 16, 2011 at 9:03 am

  2. Robert

    Great read Andrew.
    Going to be fun reading your stuff here on riverworks blogg.

    May 16, 2011 at 7:56 am

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