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Jack Kos – A stream and a fish

Spent a day a couple of weeks back pottering around the Wellington backcountry with local guide Andrew Harding ( I’ve gotta say that I was immensely impressed with his knowledge of the area and would have no hesitation in recommending him if you’re looking for a guide in the lower North Island.

An early start and a long drive saw us heading for a remote wee stream in the backblocks. A decent walk delivered us to the good water. I’d barely begun prospecting up a run when Andrew mentioned that he may have seen a trout rise out of the corner of his eye. First cast over this area with a big rubber legged cicada saw a slow and deliberate rise from a good brownie. I hadn’t expected the action to be quite so instantaneous.

He immediately sought refuge under the toetoe, however some pretty serious pressure had him turned. After the initial spirited burst it was a foregone conclusion. Taking him downstream to an area of shallow gravel the fish allowed itself to be led into the waiting net.

A beautifully spotted brownie. It was my best North Island brownie this season, and was more than enough to make my day.

As is often the case after a promising start, the remainder of the day failed to deliver. We covered a lot of ground and saw several more fish, but none were actively feeding. Still, with a good fish in the bank I was happy just exploring new water. We concluded the day with pies and energy drinks at a dairy on the way home.

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