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Jack Kos – Tikei Touring

Sorry I’ve been so slack with posting, unfortunately due to a rather irritating need to make money I’ve been working not fishing lately. Here’s a quick report from about a month back.


Having been couped up in work hearing about all the fantastic fishing everyone had been having I just needed to get out. It was a  2.5 hour drive and a 1 hour walk before I finally got my line wet. It wasn’t long before I hooked my first fish, a spritely bow of about a pound. However, as was to be the case with the majority of fish that day, it didn’t make it to the net. I’ve never had quite such a poor conversion rate. I think I probably hooked about 25 fish, landing just 9 of them. Running out of tippet and being forced to use a rather too old spare spool probably didn’t help.


Still I managed a few good fish. Nothing too big, just really fit rainbows. There was a roughly even split between double tungsten deep nymphing and free rising bow’s taken on a soft hackled emerger. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from the day…


The view I awoke to…

There’s nothing quite like an enormous pool chocka full of free rising rainbows…

One taken on the walk back…


The flies that did the damage…

I’ve spent the last two weeks down south in Wanaka and Lumsden trying to get out fishing. The weather was somewhat against me and there were more wasted days than successful ones. There were a few good days in there though, mostly because of the top blokes I fished with rather than the fishing itself. That report’ll be up in a week or so.


Hope you’re all getting out there and catching a few!

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