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Alex Broad – Beetle Time!

Went out last night with a couple of mates from one of the local stores, these guys have been slaying a small Wellington stream this season, taunting me with tales of epic mayfly and caddis hatches.  I just had to see what they were on about, and it was a good excuse to dust off the 3wt.

First pool Joel pulled this out on his secret caddis fly.

Few pools further up we had all separated, I persevered with a random riser and pulled this wee fat jack out on a caddis imitation.

Further up Joel managed to be denied by a couple, lost a couple more and landed a wee fatty.  By this stage it was dark and I had a beetle buzz past my ear. We could hear a riser on the far bank, so tied on my mongrel Foam beetle.  A few casts later, after a loud sloppy rise and I had this on.

The beetles are on!

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