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Alex Broad – Finally popped the rotovegas cherry

Recently I was coaxed into a bit of a roadie to see my grand parents up in Tauranga….there had to be some fishing involved somewhere………….

After doing the good grandson thing I left a day early to catch up with a good mate in rototua and hopefully manage to catch a fish or two.

Rotorua has alluded me in the past, I have never managed to catch a fish there, My fishing buddy Lucas is a bit of a tinny bugger and even if I copy exactly what he’s doing, he catches fish and I dont.

It was a super bright sunny day and we decided Te Wairoa stream mouth would probably be a good bet, we arrived and there were smelt everywhere! after a few hours casting and retrieving we hadn’t even had a touch, so moved down to the orchard, where I promtly spooked a good one cruising the drop off.  I got bored pretty quickly and went for a wee wander, soon after a good looking fish was chasing my fly just on the drop off, I saw the white of his mouth and struck, fish on!  Few minutes later a good rainbow was landed.  Needless to say I was stoked, finally after many attempts I popped the rotos cherry!

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