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Jack Kos – Fishing and Freedom

Yesterday was good. Really good. I don’t think it would have mattered in the slightest if we hadn’t caught anything at all, it was just so good to get out there again. As it was we did manage to catch a couple of fish…

I told Andrew the night before that I might be having a few beverages to celebrate the end of exams, so he sagely decided to do the driving. Left around 5 40 and were at the river before 9. Things didn’t start too well to be honest. I missed a strike on a good fish early on, then broke off a big fish which took a liking to a rather poorly placed log. Andrew on the other hand nailed the first fish he presented to. There’s an interesting story behind this fish. Andrew caught it two weeks ago, but the flash on his self-timer shot ruined the photo. So he was determined to catch it again…

The term bastard springs to mind…

Bona fide big fish this one…

Now as it transpired I had got an email from Andrew a couple of weeks back saying that he’d seen a couple of quite big fish in this stream. I replied ‘I must see these fish.’ Turned out I’d do more than just see them. I knew the run he’d told me they were in was coming up, so I was stoked on two levels when he caught his. It’s always good seeing a mate catch a cracking fish like that…but when it also means you’re going to have a shot at the big ones…well, it’s just icing.

I first caught sight of a paddle, kicking in the current. Then fins, and finally a head. My adversary. One other thing Andrew had mentioned in his email was just how spooky this fish was. It was going to be a first cast or nothing fish. I’ll be honest with you…I was shaking. It was a big tail.

The cast went true, the flies unfurled. I could have sworn it took 10 minutes to drift to the fish. A sideways swing, a fly intercepted. Bang. My rod bent through to the butt. Thankfully the fish was quite well behaved and did its thing in its pool before drifting down to the next pool. I saw a wee opportunity to beach it against some rocks, so gave Andrew the call and he rushed in with the net. And finally, it was mine.

Not too shabby… For once mine was bigger than his.

Oh hell yeah…the secret fly works again.

It was two very very happy boys that made the trip back. We didn’t stay too late, we’d got what we wanted from the day. God it was a good day. The feeling of freedom, of knowing that I didn’t have to go back and bust my ass on the books, is a sweet sweet feeling.

Welcome back summer, I’ve missed you my friend.

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  1. Thomas

    Thats a big fish ….

    November 11, 2010 at 5:54 pm

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