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Alex Broad – Beetle Time!

Went out last night with a couple of mates from one of the local stores, these guys have been slaying a small Wellington stream this season, taunting me with tales of epic mayfly and caddis hatches.  I just had to see what they were on about, and it was a good excuse to dust off the 3wt.

First pool Joel pulled this out on his secret caddis fly.

Few pools further up we had all separated, I persevered with a random riser and pulled this wee fat jack out on a caddis imitation.

Further up Joel managed to be denied by a couple, lost a couple more and landed a wee fatty.  By this stage it was dark and I had a beetle buzz past my ear. We could hear a riser on the far bank, so tied on my mongrel Foam beetle.  A few casts later, after a loud sloppy rise and I had this on.

The beetles are on!

Alex Broad – Finally popped the rotovegas cherry

Recently I was coaxed into a bit of a roadie to see my grand parents up in Tauranga….there had to be some fishing involved somewhere………….

After doing the good grandson thing I left a day early to catch up with a good mate in rototua and hopefully manage to catch a fish or two.

Rotorua has alluded me in the past, I have never managed to catch a fish there, My fishing buddy Lucas is a bit of a tinny bugger and even if I copy exactly what he’s doing, he catches fish and I dont.

It was a super bright sunny day and we decided Te Wairoa stream mouth would probably be a good bet, we arrived and there were smelt everywhere! after a few hours casting and retrieving we hadn’t even had a touch, so moved down to the orchard, where I promtly spooked a good one cruising the drop off.  I got bored pretty quickly and went for a wee wander, soon after a good looking fish was chasing my fly just on the drop off, I saw the white of his mouth and struck, fish on!  Few minutes later a good rainbow was landed.  Needless to say I was stoked, finally after many attempts I popped the rotos cherry!

Jack Kos – Back

Just got back. What a trip. You’ll be getting a full run down and then some in a wee while I’m sure. I won’t say much for now…just that you should check in regularly – you don’t wanna miss these ones.

Jack Kos – And they’re off…

See you all in just under two weeks! It’s going to be a fantastic trip. The one thing neither of us are looking forward to is the food. We went and did some shopping…and it looks like our diet for the next 2 weeks will be dried food and canned food…with the occasional decent meal in the evenings where we can find it. Oh well, the fishing should more than make up for it. We’ll be fishing some fantastic rivers so here’s hoping the trout play ball. Hope you all get out for a fish in the not to distant future!

Jack Kos – Daytrippin’ the backcountry

I’ve been unusually altruistic of late. The last couple of times I’ve been fishing the day’s aims had nothing to do with me catching a fish. Today’s goal was to get Ryan a new PB, preferably over 5lbs. Well I’m pleased to say we succeeded…twice.

Preparations began the night before. I knew it was going to be a big day, so heaps of food was required.

Sausage, avocado and cheese. They were remarkably hard to finish.

It had to be an early start, after all it was  going to be a big day. Picked Ryan up at 5am and hit the road with a vengeance. A long drive followed by an equally long walk saw us arrive to a slightly swollen and coloured river. I was nervous. Thankfully all nerves were quashed when less than 10 metres from where we set up our kit a fish rose and took off the surface. Righto Ryan, no pressure. And what do you know… first cast of the day in a river renowned for fickle fish and the tinny bastard hooks up. The fish fought pretty damn hard, but eventually it succumbed to the pressure and I got the net underneath it. Not a moment too soon either, as the fly pinged out as it thrashed around in the net.

A new PB. Strangely dense fish this one, we had to check the reading on the net several times before we believed it.

Who’s lookin’ at ya?

A little further upstream I had a rise to my blowfly humpy from a very nice fish, but sadly the strike didn’t stick. This was to be a bit of a theme for the day, as I hooked four to land only one. Ryan on the other hand had two strikes and two fish. A little further upstream we came across a long segment of broken water. I said something about skipping it and walking further up to Ryan, and almost immediately spotted a fish. It examined practically every fly in the box, before finally taking a deviant variation of the secret fly in some very heavy water. Ryan did well to control this fish, as the water was little more than a succession of rapids. Following a fairly aggressive netting job by myself this fellow was in the net…

Despite looking bigger than the first fish it in fact weighed less. Still above the desired 5lb mark though.

By this stage I was pretty pleased with how Ryan had fared, so thought I’d better actually catch a fish myself (the three hooked and lost fish were just practise sessions…honest). I spotted a great fish sitting just behind a large pale piece of bedrock. As I waited for Ryan to retie his tippets and catch up I watched the fish. Rise. Rise. Rise. Ah, a small klinkhammer should do the job. And it did. For the 3 seconds that the fish was hooked. Oh well… About 20 metres further upstream feeding in a pocket behind a large rock was what appeared to be a  fairly average looking fish. Wrong. Second drift past it with the mighty blowfly humpy and it came over to slurp it in. What then proceeded was a fantastic aerial display really informing me just how far from average this fish was. Bastard, this really put the nerves up as I’d already lost 3 fish that day. However this time the hooks held (finally!!) and I managed to guide a cracker brownie into the waiting net.

Relief at finally catching a fish. Not a bad fish either….

Yeah, I was pretty pleased with this one.

That proved to be it on the fish front. We had a lot more chances, but by that stage the wind had come up and the spirit had dampened. We’d got what we wanted from the trip. It was a longer walk back than we’d thought, and it was two utterly exhausted lads that finally reached the car. A quick stop on the way home for a big burger and chips (plus the obligatory red bull…), and then finally home. The couch has rarely felt so inviting.

This’ll be my last post for a couple of weeks. No, not because I have exams or can’t go fishing or anything like that. Rather the opposite. On Wednesday Andrew and myself embark upon a 10 day odyssey chasing big browns around the south island. We have a vague idea as to where we’ll end up, but it’s all weather dependent. One thing is for sure…it’s going to be a big one. If I get a chance to upload a few photos from an internet cafe while we’re on the trip then I’ll do so, otherwise look out for some great reports once the trip is over.

Till then…

Jack Kos – Rainbows on the dry

Dry flies and rainbows go together like bbq’s and beer: they could be made for each other.

I thought Wednesday would be a hard day to beat, but in terms of sheer enjoyment and satisfaction I think today took the cake. A few weeks back Andrew and I had offered to take Thomas, a keen young fisherman, out for a days fishing. Well today that day came about. Thomas has done a lot of spin fishing, but this was to be his first big fly fishing trip. It started off in classic fashion with me scoffing as many weetbix as I could stomach on four hours of alcohol induced sleep, before dashing off to pick up the others.

We got the river and were astonished to see no-one else there.

Turns out there was probably good reason. Our first choice was very borderline fishable, but we persevered for a few hours. The river yielded two mighty trophies for us though.

Andrew snared this behemoth…

Before I trumped him with this monster…

We’d had enough of that spot, so ate some kai and motored onwards to our next port of call. It didn’t take long…

Guess where we started…

Thomas’ biggest to date on a fly rod. It rolled back to take my bionic bug in classic rainbow fashion, and once hooked I handed over the reins.

Not much further up we spotted another fish. Andrew chucked his big Royal Wulff up, and the fish moved a good few feet to hoover it in. Once again, Thomas did the honours. Really good fight from this big bow.

Another PB…

Tom’s last fish came from a very stubborn fish, which I eventually snared with a wee woolly bugger. We took the opportunity to teach him how to play fish on the fly rod, showing him how to guide them into the slacker water.

Rainbows in heavy water, good times.

He played it well, and yet another rainbow fell to the young fella.

Andrew then proceeded to do what I thought to be impossible. He missed four strikes on one fish. By the end of it it had ceased to be frustrating and had simply become hilarious. Somehow I don’t think he agreed with me. However karma was to get its own back on me. We’d crossed some pretty heavy flows that day, so it was fitting that I would fall flat on my ass crossing a shallow braid. As soon as I felt myself falling I flung my rod up in the air and cradled Andrew’s precious camera. If there can be such thing as a coordinated fall on your ass then this was it.

The rod still worked though, as this wee bow will attest to. They just couldn’t get enough of our big dries.

That was it for the day. We stopped off on the way back for pies before dropping Thomas home. It was a fantastic day, despite the frustrating start. Watching Thomas chasing a big bow downstream at full pace was priceless, as was his smile when we finally got it in the net. Both Andrew and I agreed that it was a hell of a lot more fun than catching the fish ourselves!

Couple of days rest for me before a wee trip out with Ryan on Monday.

Jack Kos – Fishing and Freedom

Yesterday was good. Really good. I don’t think it would have mattered in the slightest if we hadn’t caught anything at all, it was just so good to get out there again. As it was we did manage to catch a couple of fish…

I told Andrew the night before that I might be having a few beverages to celebrate the end of exams, so he sagely decided to do the driving. Left around 5 40 and were at the river before 9. Things didn’t start too well to be honest. I missed a strike on a good fish early on, then broke off a big fish which took a liking to a rather poorly placed log. Andrew on the other hand nailed the first fish he presented to. There’s an interesting story behind this fish. Andrew caught it two weeks ago, but the flash on his self-timer shot ruined the photo. So he was determined to catch it again…

The term bastard springs to mind…

Bona fide big fish this one…

Now as it transpired I had got an email from Andrew a couple of weeks back saying that he’d seen a couple of quite big fish in this stream. I replied ‘I must see these fish.’ Turned out I’d do more than just see them. I knew the run he’d told me they were in was coming up, so I was stoked on two levels when he caught his. It’s always good seeing a mate catch a cracking fish like that…but when it also means you’re going to have a shot at the big ones…well, it’s just icing.

I first caught sight of a paddle, kicking in the current. Then fins, and finally a head. My adversary. One other thing Andrew had mentioned in his email was just how spooky this fish was. It was going to be a first cast or nothing fish. I’ll be honest with you…I was shaking. It was a big tail.

The cast went true, the flies unfurled. I could have sworn it took 10 minutes to drift to the fish. A sideways swing, a fly intercepted. Bang. My rod bent through to the butt. Thankfully the fish was quite well behaved and did its thing in its pool before drifting down to the next pool. I saw a wee opportunity to beach it against some rocks, so gave Andrew the call and he rushed in with the net. And finally, it was mine.

Not too shabby… For once mine was bigger than his.

Oh hell yeah…the secret fly works again.

It was two very very happy boys that made the trip back. We didn’t stay too late, we’d got what we wanted from the day. God it was a good day. The feeling of freedom, of knowing that I didn’t have to go back and bust my ass on the books, is a sweet sweet feeling.

Welcome back summer, I’ve missed you my friend.

Rob Wilson – Wellington Salt Water Fly

Alex and I have just been out for a quick flick in the harbour…

Jack Kos – An apology, a photo and a promise

First of all, sorry I’ve been so slack about updating the blog. Exams have been hell. Thankfully I’ve just got one more, so in a few hours I’ll be completely free. To say I’m looking forward to it doesn’t do the feeling justice.

I did sneak out for an afternoons fishing after a particularly tough exam. I caught a fish. It wasn’t a big fish, but it was a nice fish made all the better by the baking hot day.

And now the promise. Watch this space. A LOT of fishing is going to take place in the next few weeks. I’m fishing wednesday through friday, sunday and then leave for the odyssey on tuesday. So hopefully there should be some great reading and photographs up on the blog. Check back in regularly.

Alex Broad – I know its a bit late but……

I finally got round to get this wee story sorted, The last few years I haven’t had an opening day mission.

However opening day 2010 was supposed to be an epic adventure with a couple of close mates.  In the Canterbury high country, expectations were high, planning was of epic proportions and then it rained, and rained and rained.

On day 1 we managed to find clear water in our plan B river, which produced a 5.5lb jack for Nik, the one and only fish for the day.  Another was hooked but we wont go there……………….

Day 2 and our original piece of water had cleared enough to fish, early on I managed to land this 6.75lb beaut after one of the hardest scraps Ive ever had, we ended up 200 odd meters downstream.

Late in the day Nik spotted a sitter in close to the bank, after several fly changes Jeremy hooked into this:

8lb of Canterbury high country brown.

While not quite an “epic adventure” still an excellent trip and great start to the season.

Jack Kos – Absurdities

Today I turn 21. I also have a law exam. This does not bode well for birthday cheer.