Fresh water and salt water fly fishing in New Zealand and Australia. Brought to you by Riverworks waders, wading boots, vests, jackets, fly rods and reels.

Jack Kos – In the thick of things…

Sadly I haven’t been fishing myself. An essay requiring in depth analysis of the Iberian Peninsula under Muslim rule has dealt to that. When I can’t get out fishing myself I like to live vicariously through the pictures of others. One thing I’d love to see with this blog is a lot more user interaction (that means you guys out there reading it!). If you’ve got a cool photo of a fish you caught in Riverworks gear then get in touch, it’d be great to be able to do a post every month with photos that you guys have submitted!

Here’s a brief one to kick things off.

Kerry managed to eclipse his personal best with this fantastic 7lb brownie. I’ve fished this river myself, and I know just how hard the fish in here can be to catch. Truly a fantastic achievement Kerry. The jacket looks sharp too…

Right, gotta knuckle down tonight and get the rest of this essay done. That way I’ll give myself permission to go fishing on saturday chasing some more big browns!


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